Housekeeping Tips for a Spick and Span Guest Bathroom

Do you have an overnight guest coming to your house? Or do you enjoy having company over and want to make sure they have everything they need while they’re staying with you? Either way, it’s important that your guest bathroom always looks spick and span. Here are some simple tips on how to keep it clean and tidy in between guests or at the end of each week. A quick clean-up will make everyone feel right at home!


Guest bathrooms are often the most frequented rooms in the home, so it’s crucial to keep them clean. To do this, make sure you are: -Maintaining a regular guest bathroom cleaning routine by wiping down surfaces daily with a disinfectant cleaner or baby wipes. -Replacing light bulbs every six months or so to ensure your guests will have sufficient lighting. -Storing toiletries away from the toilet area to minimize contamination risk. -Making sure all of your guests’ toothbrushes are stored in an airtight container between uses. -Using a cover on the toilet seat to reduce bacteria growth.

2.Bathroom Sink

Guest bathroom cleaning starts with the sink. Fill it with soap and water, cover it with aluminum foil, then scrub away any grime. Disinfect the sink by adding vinegar to the water; let it sit for five minutes before wiping it down. If you have hard water, soften the appearance of mineral deposits by pouring white distilled vinegar over the area, letting it sit overnight, then wiping away any leftover residue in the morning. The toilet is another important area to focus on when cleaning a guest bathroom. Add some bleach to your toilet bowl cleaner or use concentrated cleaner like Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner to disinfect and clean all around that surface. Spray non-stick cooking spray onto the brush head of a toilet brush or sponge to make it glide more easily across surfaces. Pour some dishwashing liquid into the bathtub after you fill it with hot water. Scrub up any stains or dirt as they appear then rinse well. Tubs usually need more than one application so don’t be afraid to keep going! For tile floors, wipe them down daily with vinegar diluted in warm water and use a soft cloth (not paper towels) for best results


Keeping your guest bathroom clean is an important part of hospitality. Make sure to clean the toilet at least once a day with disinfectant cleaner. Sweep up any hair or dirt from the floor, and wipe down the sink countertop with soap-free cleanser and paper towels. After you shower, make sure to dry off your feet before entering the house to avoid tracking in unwanted dirt. To prevent mold buildup on grout, use some bleach or hydrogen peroxide to spray on it every few weeks. And finally, make it look nice! Add fresh flowers and candles for decoration–it’ll be more inviting that way. Consider using glass storage containers filled with essentials like cotton swabs, Q-tips, shaving cream, mouthwash and breath mints to keep these items visible but out of the way. You can also install hooks on the walls near the toilet so guests can hang their clothes when they arrive (or leave them if they’re staying over).


  1. Consider the size of your guest bathroom when choosing towels. Guests often need to share a towel if there are only two people staying in the room, so look for towels that are big enough to serve as both a hand towel and bath towel.
  2. Decide on your style of decorating before buying any products. If you have an old-fashioned guest bathroom, find something more contemporary or vice versa if you want to add some character to your space.
  3. Consider how much space you have available before purchasing anything else (including toiletries). A small guest bathroom might be able to fit one or two toiletries while larger spaces can comfortably accommodate more items with ease. After selecting what to include in your guest bathroom kit, consider where each item should go. Keep everything easy to reach by placing them close to the sink and toilet area. When considering which things should be included in your kit, it is important to think about what types of guests will be using it. For example, men may not want a loofah sponge but women may prefer a razor over disposable razors or hair removal cream over shaving cream.


The guest bathroom is often the first thing guests see when they enter your home, so it should be spick-and-span! A few things to keep in mind are: – Keep toiletries in cabinets or drawers, not on the countertop. Guests can assume that if something is out, it’s free for them to use. – Use a container with fresh flowers or a scented candle as an attractive centerpiece (or even as decoration). – Clear away any clutter from surfaces, including towels or magazines. A guest bathroom should feel calm and welcoming. Here are some ideas to get you started: – Put up a mirror in order to make the space seem larger than it really is. You can hang mirrors above or below sinks, or install one behind the door of your shower/tub area. – Choose bath mats that coordinate with your color scheme and update with seasonal themes when you change bedding sets. Place framed pictures near the sink so guests have a pleasant view while they’re brushing their teeth. Place decorative items such as candles and candles in containers that match your décor; this will create an inviting atmosphere while also giving guests more privacy.
A clean guest bathroom doesn’t take much time or effort; once you have everything set up, maintaining it will come naturally!

6.Cleaning Products

Guest bathrooms are often neglected by homeowners because they are only used occasionally. But it’s important to keep them clean for guests. Here are some tips to spruce up the guest bathroom:
1) Clean the toilet with a toilet brush or toilet wand. You can also use a disinfectant, like Lysol or bleach, on the bowl. 2) Clean the shower or bathtub with soap and water, then scrub with a scrubbing brush. 3) Wipe down all surfaces using an all-purpose cleaner with bleach to kill bacteria. 4) Use an air freshener so that guests don’t have to endure any unpleasant odors when they enter your home. 5) Straighten up towels so that they appear nice and neat on shelves or in drawers. Put out fresh hand soap and hand towels next to the sink. 6) Put fresh flowers near the window to make guests feel welcome. 7) Change bedding before guests arrive, as this will make it smell nice and cozy for guests. 8) Make sure there is no clutter around – put away anything unnecessary (i.e., dirty clothes, magazines). 9) Take out anything personal that you wouldn’t want others seeing (i.e., photos of your children). 10) Put away toiletries from under the sink if possible – these might be items you want guests to see (i.e., first aid kit). 11) Be sure there is enough room for guests to put their things – even if you live in a small space!

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