Guest Bathroom Ideas

Guest bathroom ideas are essential to think about since guests will be using them, whether they’re coming to your house by surprise or if you have frequent visitors. Making your guest bathroom look nice can impress your guests and make them want to come back even if you didn’t ask them to specifically,, there are ways to make your guest bathroom look decent, here are some of the things you can do to make your guest bathroom look good that don’t require much investment.

1-Entrance to the bathroom

The bathroom door is one of the first things a guest sees

Sometimes, doors make noise when you enter the bathroom, especially at night. This is somewhat embarrassing for the guest, so sliding doors are the most beautiful and practical solution.

Moreover, sounds must be isolated and prevented from getting outside

2- bathroom odor and aeration 

The second most important thing for guests to remember is the smell of your bathroom. Bad odors can ruin the beauty and decor of the guest bathroom, no matter what is luxury. 

Better to use natural air fresheners and avoid chemical fresheners because it’s harming allergies.

Put some plants to add life and clean the atmosphere. be hung along the ceiling or next to the toilet and inside the shower.

3- Lights 

Large windows are the best way to let in natural light, and they could also provide more storage space. I would love to have this with a freestanding tube. 

When you mix warm lighting with vases and wall vanity lamp shades, it gives the guest a sense of comfort and a good feeling. The bathroom will look luxurious with this addition.

Be sure to keep some chargeable lamps in case of power outages


Bathrooms should have a mirror as an essential item.

Because guests usually want to know if they look good, a guest bathroom should be different than the other bathrooms in the house. Therefore, I recommend mirrors of good quality and larger sizes are better.

5- Tile and floor

Most people use one color and the most common best option is black-white. but it’s very good to be bold, especially for the floor.

White is a good option for the tile because the white color is cozy and could add a luxurious impression and will be suitable for all kinds of decors.

6-Bathroom rugs 

For preventing slight dripping, and also to absorb extra water from guests’ bodies, hair, and feet after they finish showering or bathing, rugs will be placed next to the shower glass door, near the toilet door, or in the middle of the bathroom. Rugs can be a good decorating element, so pair them with curtains to make them look nice.

Keep in mind that bacteria, mildew, and dirt can easily grow up due to the moisture inside .so better to use cotton mats, especially those Egyptian cotton. good quality easy to clean and dry.


Curtains must be soft and natural fabric but more water and germ-resistant and must be easy to wash in cool water and fast dry 

The most popular option is Polyester, for more adding luxury preferred to pair it with rugs and towels as a compliment and white color is a very good option.


Selecting two pairs in sizes small and tall for face and body, keeping in mind the white color and cotton material for softness and absorbency.

As well as affordable and high-quality towels like the “Wamsutta Hygro Duet Bath Towel” or “Scooms Egyptian Cotton Bath Sheet Pair”.

9-Vanity stool 

With around 18” to 19” in height that can help the guest with a comfortable seat, especially for a makeup cast or even for a pedicure case so even for the medical case. 

10- Countertop 

It is always best to go with marble or granite stone for the vanity.

Having a vanity sink, counter space storage, and a piece of bathroom furniture all in one is a fantastic option. 

11-Shelves and hooks

Shelves are a good idea for storing toiletries and for displaying small decorative items. Typically, floating shelves can be hung above toilets with a maximum of three shelves and above sinks to display towels, liquid soaps, and some decorative plants. While wooden shelves are ideal and less expensive, they won’t be a good idea in bathrooms, so metallic shelves are preferred.

12-Baskets and toiletries

We occasionally learn after accepting an invitation for one or two nights that we forgot to bring our combs or toothbrushes. As a result, toiletries are a crucial component in providing for all guest needs. Add the baskets close to the guests’ line of sight, preferably in a corner or under a shelf.

13-Extra adds 

Simply add a touch, like:, to make your bathroom appear more expensive.

Add trays above the counter, but don’t go overboard; two or three are sufficient to hold hand perfumes, soaps, and small vases to add a touch of luxury.

Include a chandelier. It’s a good idea to deviate from the norm, particularly if your bathroom has a bathtub and a hanging chandelier.

Keep the clean towels hidden, but always display the guest towels with stylish organization, such as well-rolled rolls.

Cleaning up the areas around the toilet, bathroom, bathtub, and even in corners helps to keep the counters clear of clutter, with the exception of a few things like trays.


It’s not always necessary to use expensive items to express luxury, and keeping things uncluttered is another good way to do so.

Because the guest won’t care how much money was spent on building this bathroom, the more he feels safe using it, the happier and more at ease he will be. Therefore, cleanliness should come first.

Try to cover unused items like towels or only place them where they will be used every day. Be mindful not to overdo it with colors, shelves, or baskets.

Do you believe that luxury comes with a high price tag?

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